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Via Starter  içerisinde şu kitaplar bulunmaktadır; N.M. Dünyasına  Hoşgeldiniz, Network Marketing Sorular Ve Yanıtlar, Başarı Ve Kariyer Yolculuğu, Via Defter, Peynirimi  Kim  Kapti ?

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Via Starter  içerisinde aşağıdaki kitaplar bulunmaktadır;
- N.M. Dünyasına  Hoşgeldiniz 

- N.M Sorular Ve Yanıtlar
- Başarı Ve Kariyer Yolculuğu
- Via Defter 
- Peynirimi  Kim  Kapti

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Cancellation and Return Conditions

The return and change conditions for the products purchased on viaveta are binded by following requirements and procedures as per the sales agreement signed with the final owner of the product in electronic environment.

Return Conditions

·         Returns must be made with the original box/package and invoice.

·         The product which is proposed to be returned must be resalable to another consumer of the same nature.

·         Return request can be made through return notification by entering new ticket in the Support Desk section on the Customer panel at viaveta by the final owner of the product within 14 days following the date of purchase.

·         The response is provided within latest 24 hours for the return notifications made from the support desk.

Non-returnable products

Non-returnable products due to the commencement of service performance and/or impossibility of reselling the product to another consumer with the same quality and quantity after return are listed below.

·         Domains

·         Consulting and brokerage services

·         Technical support services

·         Installed or activated E-commerce (Viashop product package) and Real estate software packages (Via estate package).

Return procedure

*viaveta performs the following return procedures within 15 (fifteen) business days following request of the final consumer, subject to the following procedures and rules, provided that the return conditions described above are met for the products which are appropriate for the return request described above.

*For the products returned, the “product price” will be refunded within 15 business days following the return confirmation notification to the Support Desk section on your user panel at viaveta
* Notification will be provided in the Support Desk section on your user panel once the Product Refund transaction is completed.
* Reflection of the payment in your account may vary depending on the transaction periods of the banks.

Withdrawal from return request

Final consumer has the right to withdraw from return request within 48 hours

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