ViaVeta Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Via Veta aims “continuous development” internationally to reduce the environmental impacts and avoid environmental pollution and to minimize the occupational safety risks, observing customer satisfaction and legal obligations in its targets and policies including the risks of the warehouse and logistics operations under the procurement of customers’ orders,
For this purpose, we undertake together with all our employees
•    to meet all the legal requirements related to the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety to which we are subjected as well as the requirements of the organizations of which we are the member,
•    to raise awareness of our employees, customers and suppliers on the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety,
•    to implement all necessary measures to protect our employees from any kinds of occupational accidents and diseases,
•    to make effort to ensure a safe working environment targeting zero accident for all of our employees,
•    to identify the hazards for environment and human health in advance and to implement necessary measures,
•    to implement necessary measures to prevent environmental pollution, to minimize the wastes, to ensure recycling and to dispose non-recyclable wastes,
•    to review all our activities regularly in order to ensure the efficiency and continuous development of the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety management systems.

Last Update: 18/08/2019

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