ViaVeta – Our Ethical Values

ViaVeta – Our Ethical Values

ViaVeta – Our Ethical Values

Ethical Values and Working Principles of ViaVeta

As ViaVeta, the “Ethical Rules and Working Principles”, which will constitute the basis of our internal operations, relationships with company staff, our relationships and communications with our distributors, have been established by our Ethics Committee, and provided on our website and corporate booklet for guidance. The objective of the Ethical Rules and Working Principles is to define the ethical principles and standards to be complied with all distributors and employees during the performance of their duties and liabilities.

I totally believe that we will take care to comply with these principles and rules all together, to represent our company in the most correct way, to manage our business processes and the way of working most correctly, to reinforce our relationship built on trust with our customers and distributors, and as a result to add value to our company.
As ViaVeta Family, we would like to thank you in advance for your utmost attention for the “Ethical Values and Working Principles” while doing your job, and wish you success in your work.


Our Ethical Values;

The Codes of Conduct aims to ensure the sustainability of customers, distributors, free sales representatives and business partnerships projects, to preserve the company's good reputation and to meet and preserve the interests of business partners.

Code of conduct to be implemented in the process of involving distributors or new free sales representatives in the partnership project;

Aim:  Ensuring the implementation of honesty and transparency which are the fundamentals of a successful sponsorship. During the sponsorship, product training will be provided, and income and carrier opportunities will be described clearly. The examples of incomes of persons involved in partnership should be realistic. ViaVeta does not give any income guarantee. The income of a person is directly proportional to that person, the sales team established by that person and the sales graphic.

The information on products can only be provided if they are exactly same as the information provided on the official website of the company. ViaVeta distributors and sales representatives will avoid negative and humiliating statements on other MLM companies and other MLM products.

2. Code of conduct towards customer

Aim: ViaVeta distributors and free sales representatives will offer the best service to the customers. Following explanations should be emphasized particularly in the context of best service approach.

ViaVeta distributors and free sales representatives will only use open and honest sales methods.

Product information should be communicated to customer accurately and completely. Such information include the detailed specifications of products, package contents, shipping and delivery, price and payment information, terms of product return and withdrawal notification. Such information conducted should be in full consistency with the information provided by the company.

ViaVeta distributors and free sales representatives will respect customer privacy. Products will be promoted exclusively with the express consent of the customer. It is the major priority to protect personal information of customers.

ViaVeta distributors and free sales representatives will exhibit their difference with the principle of honesty. They will not abuse customers’ inexperience, disabilities, diseases, age or insufficient language skills.

The orders to be given by customers will be processed in a timely manner. The products to be delivered in electronic environment should be delivered within 7 (seven) business days unless another date is given by the customer. The products which will be delivered by shipping should be delivered to the shipping company within 7 (seven) business days. The potential technical issues regarding delivery should be immediately notified to the customer.

The product prices of the orders given should be transferred to/paid in the official bank accounts of the company by customer. It is prohibited and crime to collect the product price of referenced sales from the customer by hand. We kindly request from you to pay the product price via bank transfer, and see that we will not take the responsibility of the payments made by hand. We undertake to deliver your product within latest 7 (seven) business days following the payment to our bank accounts and/or submission of wire transfer notification form.

It is an essential rule of our company that the support requested by the customer to ensure that the customer becomes an aware and trained product user by a referenced sales team following the collection of the product price. The due commission of the reference will be paid by our company as soon as our customer newly purchased the product declares that he/she has received the product completely, that the design and operation training required to use the product has been completed and that he/she has no complaint.

Please report us (viaveta) in case a person involving the partnership project of ViaVeta says that you can earn income without the need of working and that he/she will work instead of you and even will establish a sales team for you, and act with the awareness that this person commits a crime.

Codes of conduct of ViaVeta customers, distributors and free sales representatives towards other business partners

Aim: Ensuring all business partners work with mutual respect and conduct proper and equal competence.

It is strictly prohibited to win other business partners working within ViaVeta over. Following activities will be considered in this regard.
- Encouraging the business partners to exercise prohibited way of working promising to provide better support, better income and carrier opportunities.
- Infringing the agreement of other business partners with the sales teams by establishing virtual, imaginary and fake partnerships.
- Negative, abrasive and humiliating statements about other business partners
- The conflicts that may arise between the business partners will not be disclosed on social media or a website under no circumstances.


Code of conduct of the ViaVeta business partners towards other MLM companies

Aim:  Respect will be shown to all MLM companies in the Network Marketing industry.

It is unethical to win the sales partners working in other MLM companies over with unfair methods and will not be accepted by ViaVeta.

Such unethical acts are as follows:

-   Provoking all the structures by discrediting the company through communication with several business partners
- Spreading negative and humiliating rumors about other MLM companies and business partners (income opportunities, product specifications, product prices, etc.)
- Encouraging the persons working in other MLM companies to break their agreements
- Offering payment or carrier opportunities in case transfer to their own company


Codes of conducts of ViaVeta business partners towards the whole company

Aim: ViaVeta distributors and free sales representatives will demonstrate their commitment and respect to the whole company.

ViaVeta business partners will show their differences with the ethical, honest and fair working methods they adopt. Misuse of sales and commission plans is not ethical and causes damage to commercial facilities. Distortion of competition by systematic increase and decrease in sales prices as well as establishment of product prices by fraud of business partnership etc. will be deemed as unethical behaviors.

ViaVeta business partners will remain faithful to their companies and demonstrate their loyalty as required. Moreover, they will show maximum effort to prevent the company from being damaged and to protect its repetition.
The principles for the commercial activities of ViaVeta distributors and free sales representatives shall constitute the general conditions and working requirements of ViaVeta.

Impressions and behaviors of VetaVeta distributors and free sales representatives in the society

Aim: It is aimed to protect and maintain the good reputation of ViaVeta and its partners in society.

ViaVeta Business Partners are not workers acting on behalf of ViaVeta. Thus, they will not make an impression as a company worker.

Media, television, radio links and gazette, magazine interviews are common the company. In special cases, they should be subject to the approval of the company.

Any requests from media will be responded directly by the Public Relations department of ViaVeta. Communications via social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.) pose no risk.

All declarations for the company, its business partner sor other companies will be subject to the principle of honesty and loyalty. Where required, it should be collaborated with ViaVeta.

ViaVeta Business Partners should avoid exhibiting any behaviors that contempt and belittle other occupational group members (teacher, officer, worker etc.).

These codes of conduct are mandatory and binding for all ViaVeta business partners!

Last Update Date: 21.07.2019


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