Cosmetic Product: In order to ensure that cosmetic products are delivered to people in a safe, efficient manner and good quality, guidelines are specified for the notification before products are released on market, market surveillance and inspection, and audit of manufacturing sites of products.
Legal definition of cosmetics and food supplements: Products intended to be applied on lips, hair, nails, body, external genital organs, teeth and mouth mucosa. It contains substances and preparations intended to cleanse, perfume, change the appearance, correct, protect and maintain in good condition of such body parts. 
Cosmetic products and food supplements may not be claimed to treat, or help the treatment of any disease, or prevent, or help to prevent any disease. Cosmetic products may not be claimed to have a long-lasting effect in the lower layers of the skin. The product descriptions on our website are based on the information and documents such as product label, brochure, etc. provided by manufacturers and exporters. Such information does not imply that the promised effects will be certain or there are no side effects.

Expiration Date in Cosmetics: You have the right to obtain information on the products for which you have doubts from our company. The manufacturer information of all the products you purchased are available. The expiration date of each product is indicated. Note the date you started to use the product to avoid any problem. Stop using the product after the expiry of the expiration date.

When checking on online platforms for barcodes or serial numbers, note that it is possible to obtain correct results about products as well as incorrect results for certain brands. The accuracy and precision of the results provided by such platforms are not guaranteed.

Use the products suitable for your skin and body structure properly: 
There is a potential for food supplements and cosmetics, vitamin combinations and supplements to cause various side effects. Please consult a physician in case any adverse event on this regard. When selecting products, take care to choose the products intended for your skin type and note their expiration dates. ViaVeta is not responsible for the misuse of the products.

General Rules on the Use of Cosmetics:
1. The product package information, promotional material and promotions by promotional staff should not be used and implied as if they actually have excellent qualifications. Descriptions of the product ingredients and their raw materials which does not comply with the cosmetics definitions in the resources such as pharmacopoeia monographs and etc. and/or belong to the product specifications are not appropriate.

2. The name or logo of the ministry must not be used.

3. The names, logo, emblem of the organization, institution, person and original corporate identities should not be intended to deceive the consumer. The names of the individuals participating in product researches, the certificates of the institutions and organizations should not be used without permission.

4. Including the required product claims pursuant to the Regulation on Cosmetics, and all other procedures should not be used for promotional purposes.

5. Promotional activities threating the environment, human health and safety should not be carried out.

a) When promoting a product, the declarations on environmental safety which are claimed to provide ecological benefits should not be used without certificate.
b) An advertising sign which implies the ecological superiority of the promotional product does not have, should not be used.

6. Descriptions to cause unfair competition and/or to misleading descriptions should not be used. Following issues lead to misleading promotion.
a) Stating specifications which product does not have actually and giving incorrect information,
b)  Creating an expectation that the effect will be definite in product promotion even there is no scientific evidence of such effect,
c)  Inconsistency between the results of scientific researches and efficiency of product
d)  Claiming that adverse effect or allergy will not occur as a result of appropriate and/or long term use,
e)  Provision of incorrect and/or misleading information by manufacturer about the education, competencies and successes of the persons who design the product or working for them,
f)  Product promotion containing defamatory contents regarding similar products,
g)  Misleading the customer between the cosmetic product and medicinal product for human use in the product expression.

7) The promotion, information, recommendation, comments and products published in news channels regarding the product must be easily perceived as promotion. Implicit promotion should not be provided.

8) In product promotions:
a) Statements about prevention, treatment, diagnose, correction of any disease as well as correction of physiological function,
b) Declarations that it changes, renews and corrects physiological functions as a result of immunological, metabolic and pharmacological actions.
c) Declarations referring to the action of a medicinal product for human use
aforementioned issues must not be used in the promotion of cosmetics and food supplements.
Last Update: 19/08/2019

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