1. Parties

a) ViaVeta (hereinafter referred as viaveta).

b) Internet user who registers for the website viaveta ("User")

2. Subject of the contract

The subject of this Contract is the determination of conditions of use the website of Via Veta “viaveta” by user.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

3.1. The user shall not use the viaveta website in any way to infringe public order, to violate the general morality, to disturb and harass the others, for an unlawful purpose, to infringe upon the intellectual property rights and copyright of others. In addition, the User shall not engage in any activity (spam, virus, trojan horse, etc.) that may prevent or disturb the use of services by others.

3.2. viaveta shall not be liable for any damages to the User software and data and any unauthorized reading of the User data. The User has agreed in advance not to claim compensation from viaveta for any damages incurred by the use of the website viaveta.

3.3. The software and design of the website viaveta are owned by viaveta and their copyright and/or other intellectual property rights are protected by the related laws, and they cannot be used, acquired and changed by the User without permission. Other companies and their products mentioned on this website are trademarks of their respective owners and are protected under intellectual property rights. 

3.4. The User declares and undertakes that his/her personal and other information given when registering as a user of the website viaveta is correct before the law and that he/she will compensate in kind and immediately all damages which may be incurred by viaveta due to mispresentation of such information.

3.5. Any opinions and ideas expressed, written by the user on the website viaveta, are all user' own personal opinions and bind the opinion owner. These opinions and thoughts have no interest and connection to viaveta. Under no circumstances, viaveta shall be held responsible for any damages that may be incurred by third parties due to the opinions and views expressed by the User and for any damages that may be incurred by the user due to the opinions and views expressed by third parties.

3.6. The User may not give the password given to him/her by viaveta to any other person or organization. The exclusive right to use the password in question belongs to the user. viaveta reserves the right to claim any compensation and other claims arising from such unauthorized use of the password against all liabilities and possible claims against viaveta by third parties or by the competent authorities.

3.7. The User has agreed not to access or use the software and data of other Internet users without permission. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liabilities arising from this shall belong to the User.

3.8. The User who violates one or more of the articles herein shall be legally and criminally liable for such violation in person and shall hold viaveta harmless from the legal and criminal consequences of such violations. Also, viaveta reserves right to claim compensation from the user for any damages arising from such violation of the user contract in the event that the incident is transferred to the court due to this violation.

3.9. viaveta is always entitled to unilaterally cancel the membership of user, to delete a file, document and information of customer where required. The User has agreed this condition in advance. In such case, viaveta shall assume no liability.

3.10.  The User has agreed and declared in advance to follow and not violate the legal legislation provisions when using the website viaveta. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise shall completely and exclusively bind the user.

3.11. In order to improve/develop the website viaveta and/or in accordance with the legal regulations, Via Veta may collect some data such as the name and Internet Protocol (IP) address of the Internet service provider, date and time of access to the site, pages visited while using the website and the domain name address of the website used for accessing directly to its web site.

3.12. In order to serve its users better, to improve its products and services, to facilitate the use of the site, Via Veta may use the personal information of the user in the studies for the users' special preferences and interests. Via Veta reserves the right to keep records of all transactions made by the user on the website viaveta.

3.13. By registering in viaveta, the User agrees that he/she has given consent to receive communication about product or service promotions, advertisements, campaigns, benefits, surveys and other customer satisfaction applications within the scope of applicable and/or future regulations by all affiliates of viaveta.

The User agrees and declares that he/she has given his/her consent for the personal and purchasing information he/she already provided and/or will provide while registering in the website viaveta and/or by other means and/or his/her purchasing and/or consumer behavior information, to be collected for above mentioned purposes, shared with, used and archived by all affiliates of ViaVeta.

The user agrees and declares, unless otherwise specified, that he/she has given his/her consent for the data to be collected, shared with, used and archived by all affiliates of ViaVeta even after his/her registration terminates.

The User, unless specifies otherwise, agrees and declares that he/she has given consent for all affiliates of viaveta to contact with himself/herself via communication means including internet, call, SMS etc.

The User declares and agrees not to claim any direct and/or indirect, material and/moral, and negative and/or positive damages due to permitted collection, sharing, use, archiving of the information mentioned above and receiving communication in this scope, and not to hold viaveta and its affiliates liable. The User may access to detailed information on his/her personal information at viaveta.

3.14. viaveta may disclose the User's personal information as a legal requirement or (a) to act in accordance with legal requirements or to comply with legal acts notified to viaveta; (b) to protect and defend the rights and property of the viaveta website family in cases where it deemed necessary in good faith.

3.15. Necessary measures have been taken to protect the viaveta website from viruses and similar malicious software. Furthermore, in order to ensure high-end security, the User must supply his/her own virus protection system and ensure the necessary protection. In this regard, the User shall be deemed to have accepted that he/she is responsible for all failures that may occur in his/her software and operating systems due to entrance into the website viaveta and all direct or indirect consequences of them.

3.16. viaveta reserves the right to modify the contents of the website at any time, to change or cancel any service provided to users, delete user information and data on the viaveta web site.

3.17. viaveta is entitled to change, update or cancel the terms herein without prior notice and/or advice. Any provision that has been changed, updated or repealed shall be effective in respect of all users at the time of publication.

3.18. The Parties agree and declare that all computer records belonging to viaveta shall be taken as the sole and true exclusive evidence, in accordance with the CCP, and that such records constitute an evidence agreement. 

3.19. The website viaveta, in accordance with this contract, has the authority to send information e-mails and SMS messages to the User’s registered e-mail addresses and mobile telephone numbers. The user who agreed this contract, shall be deemed to have been accepted to receive information e-mails and SMSs to his/her e-mail address and mobile phone. If the user wants to cancel receiving e-mail and/or SMS, he/she may cancel to receive e-mail and/or SMS from the communication part of the website viaveta.

4. Termination of the Contract and Disputes

This contract shall remain in force until the User cancels his/her registration or his/her registration is cancelled by viaveta The website viaveta is entitled to terminate this contract unilaterally and to cancel the registration of the user, if the user violates any provisions of this user contract.

Any disputes arising in connection with this contract shall be resolved by the Courts and Execution Offices.

5. Entry into Force

A User's user registration means that the User reads all the articles in the user account contract and accepts the conditions herein. This contract was concluded at the time of registration of the User and entered into force mutually.

Last Update Date: 18.08.2019

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